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a part of it all

January 25, 2012

this post is about grandma r.  but first, let me talk about myself for a moment…

i have been single for over a year now.  one year, 1 week, and 2 days if you’re keeping track at home.  i have settled into my own little life.  with my own little routine.  my own little quirks and needs and habits.  i do what i want, when i want, how i want.  i can pick up and leave the city.  i can hunker down and watch back to back to back episodes of say yes to the dress while reading harper’s bazaar and eating raw cookie dough.  i can wake up at 5:06 a.m. and hit the snooze button 12 times before going to early morning track practice.  i can eat tofu.  i can spend every last cent i have on frivolous and fancy footwear.

but before you think i’m going to die alone, peanut butter jar in hand, know that i love my single life but i also constantly feel the need to nurture others.  sometimes i suffocate sarah with my maternal tendencies.  i mother my own mom on occasion.  i think i know what’s best for everyone- and what’s best is usually fresh from the oven and full of oozing, goozing chocolate chips.  that or a good swig of bubbly.  i own more aprons than julia childs and i  feel most valuable when i’m helping someone fix a problem.  i know one day i’ll be one heck of a super mom.  because i kind of already am (except without the children).

and here’s how i know that.  because this is exactly how i’d describe my grandma r.

the story goes that when grandma was a young school girl she was confused by the other kiddos sharing their families’ backgrounds.  irish, italian, german, english.  grandma didn’t know her heritage.  so she asked her mom.  “you’re a yankee!” she proclaimed.  she’s tough as nails, a little stubborn, and independent as the 4th of july.  she’s certifiably old but has the spirit of a whipper snapper half her age- sometimes she even tires me out.  she’s opinionated and steadfast but emails sarah and me every week with gossip of our hometown.  she’s a yankee.

and yet she’s probably one of the most nurturing people i know (save for that time i was a kiddo and uncle jim dislocated my shoulder and grandma refused to take me to the hospital until i’d finished my ice cream).  as kids we spent nearly every sunday at grandma’s house.  she nursed us through the chicken pox while my parents were sunning themselves on a beach in mexico.  slumber parties included fresh from the microwave “pupcorn” and beauty pageants wherein grandma would bang away on the piano and sing the miss america theme song while sarah and i paraded down the stairs in our nightgowns evening gowns.  she’s not a hugger but we force them on her anyway, and she forces all-we-can-eat christmas cookies and peanut m&m’s on us.

so here i am today, on grandma’s birthday, plowing my own way, making my own rules, while showering those i care about with the warm, fuzzies.  i hope i have the yankee fight inside.  but i hope i can soften those rough edges and care for others.  one part bull, one part teddy bear.  one part yankee, one part mother hen.

and that’s all grandma.

happy birthday to my biggest fan, from yours.  happy birthday, grandma r!  enjoy this snippet from glee that (i think) was written just for you.

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  1. Notorious permalink
    January 25, 2012 3:25 pm

    For the record, if there are no witnesses, I deny the shoulder incident. If there were witnesses, the statute of limitations has expired so I can’t be sued. If your shoulder was injured it was due to the greedy health insurance companies and while I admit to the shoulder incident, I blame it on the Bush tax cuts. —Notorious

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