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case of the monday’s: meat free’s the way to be!

January 23, 2012

one of the fantastical beauties of working from home is i can indulge in any variety of entertainment while i work.  i can whistle.  i can talk to myself.  i can listen to music louder than the screaming police sirens outside.  or i can tune in to daytime talk shows.

i’m not sure why i didn’t realize this earlier.  it probably had something to do with the fact that i traveled for about the first 3 months of my life in d.c. and wasn’t near a television.  but now that my bottom has settled into my desk chair and i’m hibernating in my “office” for 8 hours every day, reading until my eye balls bleed, it’s great to have a little human interaction.  even if it’s just me talking to elizabeth hasselbeck on the view.

today i caught an episode of the chew, a new afternoon talk show focused on food and entertaining and hosted by mario batali, clinton kelly (from what not to wear) and carla kelly of top chef fame.  in theory, it’s a great idea for a talk show.  in execution, not so much.  there’s not enough personality and there’s too much going on.  also, it’s kind of a disgusting name for a television talk show.  regardless.

today the chew crew was talking about the merits of having “meatless mondays,” an idea that i first heard about from my spiritual leader, gwyneth paltrow.  it’s a relatively simple idea: you have meatless mondays.  got it?  i do.  and that’s why i’ve also got a block of extra firm tofu marinating in my fridge.  it’s also why i’ve got “how to cook tofu” sitting in my google search bar.  i’ve no idea what to do with the stuff.

i was a vegetarian for about a year back when i still shopped at limited, too and thought that eating french fries for dinner was my little way of saving animals from slaughter.  the thought of black beans was terrifying and tofu made me tremble.  i was not a very good vegetarian.  but i’ve become a better eater as the years go by.  and by better i mean that i have black beans in my pantry…next to oreo’s.  i’m not ready to ditch the bad, but i am ready to weave some more good into my lifestyle.

now let’s just hope this tofu marinating in my fridge is good.  but if not, there are always the oreo’s.

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