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2 much

January 13, 2012

know what happens when you’re 26?

you casually stroll home from a social establishment on a warm thursday evening.  you think about how great your life is as you buzz your key at the door and enter your secure, high-rise apartment building.  you’re wearing j.crew and a zany leopard print top to accompany your blue fingernails.  because you’re 26 and you can do silly things like that.  as it’s a nice night, you think you might try your luck at your mailbox.  i hate turning the key to see an empty metal crate staring back at me…but tonight, tonight the stars must be smiling.

another ad from the pizza joint down the block (do they read minds?  do they deliver?).  a plea from the easter seals.  jackpot! not one, but two wedding save-the-dates.  others may grumble.  some may grimace.  but when i slit the meticulously sealed and stamped envelopes open, i was elated.

2 nights of dancing.  2 wedding cakes.  2 beautiful brides.  2 dresses and plane tickets and hotel rooms.  2 trips to louisiana!

because that’s what happens when you’re 2…6.

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