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January 6, 2012

this blog was getting a little heavy.  it was all mushy and gushy and talking about the future and family and home.  sarah even said it was getting “soft.”  i will admit- i was feeling a little melancholy.  a little emo.  a little like a dark, tortured artist.

until i met you.

um.  hello.  why have we not before?  because i think we’re soul mates and i cannot imagine my life without you.  that purse…those purses…are fantabulous.  they’re like a ray of sunshine in the middle of gloom and doom.  they’re a bee-bopping britney spears jam when all you’ve been listening to is hipster indie rock.  they’re three purses stuck together when you’ve been strutting around, thinking you’re the jam, carrying only one.  consider my life changed.

consider this blog back to its peppy, saccharine, frivolous, flippant roots.  phew.  i feel so much better.

image via.  now let me buy them pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

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