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calling all angels

January 2, 2012

friends.  if i could offer you one piece of advice it would be this: do not lose your cell phone.  i can say this because i have, unfortunately, misplaced my very own cellular device (though i still maintain that it was stolen and not simply lost).  regardless of who is to blame, i am without my cell phone.

at first i was in denial.  i thought that surely after brunch and a few errands my phone would grow tired of playing this foolish game of hide and seek and it would appear.  but even after retracing my steps, multiple prayers to god above, and employing friends to call my phone in rapid fire succession, the thing just could not be found.  so i accepted my communication-less lot in life and retreated home.

next came bargaining.  i figured i could survive without a phone, it would just take a little extra help from those near and dear.  i took to randomly showing up at people’s homes unannounced, just to say hey.  i clung to friends like my well-worn blankie, fearful that if i left them, i’d never see them again because they wouldn’t know where to find me.  i hovered over my computer and typed my every thought via email.  i even had to use my mom as my personal wake-up call, as without a phone i’m not only without service but also without an alarm clock (and boredom killer/recipe box/trivia machine/celebrity gossip pipeline).

but now i have entered the worst stage of grief.  and that is anger.  after a day of schlepping between at&t, the apple store and my home computer, i am still without a phone.  at&t didn’t have the gadget i’m after in stock.  apple had the phone but could not access my at&t service plan.  and you can’t order the phone off the internet because it’s not set to ship for another 1-2 weeks.  for the love of steve jobs, someone find me a phone!

and the two most angelic people i know did just that.  dear, sweet mom and apple aficionado dad are, as i type, standing in line at the apple store in georgia with my brand spankin’ new cell phone in their little paws.  aforementioned iphone will be packed up and shipped off to me, anxious and angry here in d.c.

so friends.  let me repeat to you.  do not lose your cell phone.  it is not just a mode of  communication, it is a necessity.  a veritable lifeline.  and without it you will be doomed.  but if you do lose your cell phone, i pray that you have two absolutely, positively wonderful parents.  because they, more than any $200 piece of metal equipped with 3g service, are a lifeline.

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