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squatters, somersaults and sparkles. good things.

December 1, 2011

so yesterday got a little hairy.  that telephone call really set me off.  and i’d been cooped up inside my apartment sans human interaction for far too long.  and i thought it was december 1st when it really wasn’t.  and i didn’t have my morning cup of coffee.  and the sun didn’t shine, not even a wink, all day.  but today’s a new day.  and i talked to my mom on the phone while drinking coffee and marveling at the sunny-sun-sun on this day (which is in fact december 1st).  today’s already off to a good start…know what would make it better?


secretly i want to be an occupy dc-er.  they get to sleep late, skip work, wear flannel, and camp out in the middle of the capitol!  meanwhile, i’m up at the crack of dawn to sit perched at my computer for 8 hours, wearing my current-season j.crew, paying far too much in rent for an apartment the size of a cardboard box.  i think these occupiers are smarter than we think…


only problem is, if i up and join the occupy dc movement, i surely couldn’t shop at whole foods.  and that’s where i find these little snackers.  somersaults crackers (chips? crisps? bites of deliciousness?) are made from sunflower seeds and other ingredients i can’t pronounce, so they must be good for you.  and the cocoa variety are out of this world tasty.  get some.  and get me some while you’re at it.


but the number 1 reason i can’t up and move into a flimsy tent in freedom park?  miu miu.  glitter.  pumps.  do these shoes not scream “i work for the man.  and i hate it.  but i do it each and every single day so i can buy extravagant and unnecessary, but totally necessary, glitter shoes.” i think they do.  and i think they’re not only my number 1 reason to remain gainfully employed.  but they’ve also danced their way to the number 1 spot on my christmas list.  let’s see if santa finds all those occupiers…

ok.  head up.  shoulders back.  smile on.  it’s a new day.  let’s keep it good, shall we?

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