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the best

November 11, 2011

i have a mushy heart.  sometimes i get goosebumps running past the washington monument/white house/barney’s coop, just thinking about what a great nation this is.  i coo a warm hello to the maintenance staff every morning and feel the urge to high-five my local starbuck’s baristo on occasion because he’s so hard-working- and i swear he gives me more than the allotted single shot of espresso in my americano.  if i could, i’d give every child a unicorn (puppies are so ordinary).  i’d bake every homeless person i meet a batch of jacques torres’ decadent chocolate chip cookies.  and if i remembered, i’d start every day with a down dog/up dog, followed by the pledge of allegiance, then the lord’s prayer.

before i start to sound like a contender for miss america, let me explain.  i believe that people deserve the best.  and there are a lot of hard working people out there that do their best to make sure i get the best.  my mom and dad, just as their parents did before them, continue to work hard every day so that their daughters can enjoy lives of comfort and happiness and fulfillment.  the cleaning lady, whose windex just swooshed off all the fingerprints from the elevator doors, does her job so my neighbors and i have a happy, clean home to come home to at the end of the day.  the baristo down the street, serves up my java with a jolly grin, starting my day off with a buzz and a smile.  we all do what we can.

and some do more than i ever could.  right now, as i drink my starbuck’s blend while listening to taylor swift, sitting in my comfortable little apartment in the nation’s capitol, there are people willing to give their time, energy and life to make sure that i have the best- the best life, the best country, the best protection, the best freedom.

this isn’t so much about veteran’s day (though it is very much about veteran’s day).  this is more about every day.  what if we all did our best to take care of each other?  what if we all said hello and smiled and remembered people that others forget?  what if we all worked hard and gave time and energy to protecting each other?  what if we all gave just one unicorn to a child…well, we’d deplete the unicorn population, that’s for sure.

me and my mushy heart.  we just want the best for everyone.  and that’s what i think veteran’s day is all about.  it’s about the people that are willing to give it all up, just so we can have happy families and teeny-tiny apartments and chocolate chip cookies.

and that gives me goosebumps.

thank you to all of the men and women who give their all to protect us.  and thank you to their families, who are often forgotten, even though they too know what giving it all feels like.

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