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over it

November 8, 2011

things no one cares about any more:

  • global warming.  i’m loving today’s sunshine and soaking up all the harmful uvb rays i can.  it’s 68 degrees in november.  this doesn’t happen enough!
  • lindsay lohan.  she spent a wollaping 5 hours in jail after violating her probation again.  she’s resorted to posing for playboy to bring in cash.  and her teeth are disgusting (a diet of booze, cigarettes, and wasted potential will do that, i hear).  but to end on a positive, her hair still looks pretty good.
  • kim kardashian.  i was perusing the titles in the line at the drug store this morning, and she’s all over the place with her puppy dog eyes.  you have a $2 million diamond sitting comfortably on your finger.  you hosted a $10 million wedding.  and you had 3 vera wang dresses.  save your puppy dog eyes for someone who cares.  and that’s not the american public.
  • the duggars.  the stars of tlc’s “19 kids and counting” announced they’re expecting baby #20.  there’s something so wrong, so creepy, so disgusting about having 20 kids.  please, kim kardashian puppy dog eyes, please don’t have lindsay lohan babysit…

everybody here?!

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