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November 3, 2011

the other day i introduced my dad to my favorite feature of my local whole foods: the bulk bin aisle.  i love my snacks- the yogurt covered almonds, trail mix varietals, dried mango, raw nuts- the list goes on.  and you can find all of those snickity snacks in the bulk bin aisle.  the only problem?  you never know how much you’ve got until you’ve unwittingly filled your plastic bag with enough nuts to see three squirrels through the dark depths of the winter months.

the beauty and bounty of the bulk bins

same thing goes with life, i figure.  you never really think about how much you’ve got until you’re confronted with the ugly truth of the checkout line.  it’s all dried mango and turkish apricots and honey cashews.  until one day it’s not.

and that’s why i’ve decided to live my life in bulk.  but this has nothing to do with plastic bags and twisty ties and scoops of mixed nuts.  i want more.  aisles of fun and laughter and friends.  bins full of sweetness and love.  bags overloaded with memories and satisfaction and so many yogurt covered almonds that, when i approach the checkout lane, God bursts out in laughter and calls up his bestest friends so we can throw the biggest party the afterlife has ever seen.

yogurt covered almonds may cost me $5.99 per pound.  but there’s no price you can put on an extra scoop of life.

image via whole foods.  

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