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the happening

October 27, 2011

so today’s thursday and everything.  and i was getting a little sassy, thinking that i had rocked this week.  i wasn’t late for a single school visit, i was delightful and charming and on my best behavior, and i managed to squeeze in personal time with fun philly melissa.  and then today happened.

it was gross and rainy when i walked past the sliding glass doors this morning on my way to the gym.  and then i couldn’t get the t.v. to peacefully coexist with my ipod.  the water for my oatmeal was only lukewarm and i felt like oliver twist eating cold sludge from a styrofoam bowl in a high school parking lot.  inside aforementioned high school- during my first visit of the day- i was subjected to a lockdown drill and had to hide in a corner closet with a student.  this afternoon, on my approach to an all-boy’s school, i tripped up the stairs to the college counseling office.  i’ve taken to talking to myself and my rental car because no one else is ever around.  and i’m hiding from the “manager’s reception” downstairs because i know there are sub-par brownies on the buffet (hey, even a sub-par brownie is a brownie!) and my will power is too weak to resist.  i know this because i have succumbed to the sub-par brownies on two other occasions this week.

i do not think my problems are important or big or unique.  in fact, i wouldn’t even classify them as problems.  but when a jenny trips up the stairs and there’s no one there to see her…we all miss out on a good laugh.  tomorrow i re-join my comrades down south below the mason-dixon.  where the brownies are better, the skies are never mushy and i always trip down the stairs.

today happened.  but tomorrow is going to be happening.

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