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race to the marathon

October 26, 2011

this weekend our very own sister sarah will run the marine corps marathon in the great district of columbia.  i myself have never run a marathon.  so as i was sitting at a stoplight this morning, making my way from school visit to school visit, i scratched my head and wondered “how many people have ever run a marathon?”  so i did a little googling/wikipediaing and found you some interesting tidbits about that beast of a race, the marathon.

  • a marathon is 42.195 kilometers.  for you americans, that’s 26 miles and 385 yards.
  • why 26.2 miles?  it’s the distance the ancient greek soldier pheidippides ran from the battle of marathon to athens.  he then collapsed and died from exhaustion.  that’s neither here nor there.
  • by most estimations only 0.1% of americans have run a marathon.  kinda makes you wanna get off the couch, huh?
  • in 2005, the average marathon time for men was 4:32:08 and 5:06:08 for women.
  • oprah ran the marine corps marathon in 1994 and finished in 4:29:20.  george w. bush finished the houston marathon in 3:44:52.
  • the marine corps marathon is the fourth largest marathon in the u.s. and the eighth largest in the entire galaxy!  unfortunately it’s also the largest marathon to not offer prize money.

**editor’s note:  sarah, john and katie are going to crush the marathon this weekend.  and if you’d like to support them in their crusade against cancer, please click here.  that’s right.  they’re not only running a marathon.  they’re also fighting cancer.  champions.

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