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October 25, 2011

i have an active imagination.  i dream of becoming a princess (like grace), between opening my own bakery and starting my own rachel zoe-worthy boutique.  i’ll do this all and win the boston marathon.  and because i’ll be in such great shape, i’ll walk the runways of paris fashion week.  active imagination.

and way back when i was looking at colleges, my active imagination conjoured up images of women’s colleges that looked something like this:

turns out women’s colleges are respectable institutions of higher education and, while some still offer tea, they rarely hand out m.r.s. degrees.  and there are no boys.  so i quickly decided against the single sex education route and instead settled in virginia.  but today, as i was making my way from high school to high school, i drove past one of the women’s colleges i’d considered in my youth.  and i started playing the what if game.  what if i had gone to bryn mawr instead of the university i chose?  where would i be if i’d gone to a women’s college?  who would i work for?  where would i live?  would i have friends?  would i be a princess?

the answer to most of these questions is: i don’t know.  i will never know because i made a choice and i’d make it again if given the chance.  i am happy with who i am and where i am and who i work for.

but the answer to one of the questions?  would i be a princess?  yes.  because no matter where i went to school or who i work for, i will always have an active imagination.

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