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all of the above

January 20, 2011

gooooooooooooooooooood morning world!  here’s what’s sparkling in my latitudinal/longitudinal space this thursday.

and pose.

anne hathaway (love her!!!) chose to go nude to the golden globes this past weekend.  i dare you.  now if only i had armani prive dripping in sequins hanging in my closet…

lemlem for meme

speaking of closets.  wishing i had this lemlem grace gauze tunic hanging next to aforementioned armani.  could just cozy up in a ball in this spunky little piece.  and i’d be the happiest girl in the world.  sigh.

sweet as candy by sweet lulu

and everyone knows that the happiest girls in the world indulge their sweet tooth every so often- good thing i splurged on an electric toothbrush at the store yesterday.  wouldn’t you just love to sip, sip, sip out of these sweet lulu glass bottles.  10 bonus points if the treat you’re sipping is pretty girl pink.

my version of heaven.

my version of heaven is being scarlett johansson dressed in some amazing party frock, standing on a ladder, swilling from the world’s- no, heaven’s- largest bottle of champagne.  the good stuff.  in fact, i’ll even do without the ladder.  and the scarlett johansson fantasy.  so long as i can have champagne.  the good stuff!

and while i'm here

can someone please teach me how to mix and match a la lauren santo domingo via vogue.  sure she writes for vogue.  and she’s got limbs that go on for millenia.  and she’s married to an uber-handsome, uber-wealthy studmuffin.  but can you please, please, please teach me how to pair polka dots with animal prints?  and mao zedong with retro/mod cool?

a virtual hug

a little reassurance.  a little selfishness.  a little fancy.  a little dream chasing.  these are all things i wish for the new year.  and kirsten karson from 6th street design school is on board.  love this downloadable graphic from how joyful.  how joyful indeed.

wishing you all a stylish, cozy, sippy, bubbly, mixy-matchy, joyful day!

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