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it’s hot in here. do something!

September 28, 2016

i do not remember life without air conditioning.  let me revise that.  before i moved to san francisco, i did not remember a life without air conditioning.

sure, there were those summer weeks away at camp.  i’d slip into my sleeping bag all gummed up with sweat and bug spray and lake goo.  but the heat didn’t bother me.  because i was 8 and that layer of lake goo acted like a coolant.  and there were the hot southern days in my dorm room.  but i had a window fan and “free” fro-yo in the dining hall to keep me cool.

i didn’t realize i didn’t have air conditioning in my EXPENSIVE san francisco apartment until i pressed the little nobber do-hickey and it did nothing.  do-hickey’s by their very nature are meant to do things.  this did zip.

there’s a fro-yo place down the street and my two ceiling fans are whirring.  i’m gummed up with sweat and city sludge – not nearly as charming as lake goo.  and i’m saying my prayers every sweaty, sleepless night that “winter” in san francisco is a real thing.  unlike do-hickey’s that do nothing.

your way

September 27, 2016

did calvin harris ever think that the one standing in his way was himself?  or maybe the internet password he changed 2 months ago thinking it was so sneaky but intuitive and now he can’t login to Facebook.  maybe that’s standing in his way?  asking for a friend.

and while you’re pondering…listen to this:

“my way” by calvin harris

“somebody else” by verite

“take it all back” by judah & the lion

“take the world by storm” by lukas graham

“??? (where)” by ty dolla $ign feat. migos

“drinkee (vintage culture & slow motion remix)” by sofi tukker




it’s not ironic. it’s thursday.

September 23, 2016

what a bummer of a week, am i right?  it’s the first day of fall and the yet-another-day of unrest after a police shooting.  it’s the slow march toward the holiday season while you still have your air conditioning set to “mucho gusto.”  it’s thursday and it’s still thursdayyyy.

but i promise this will put a smile on your face.

things i love about sf: take 1

September 22, 2016
  • bloodthirsty pigeons
  • bloodthirsty pigeons flying straight for your face at 6:52 a.m. while you duck and cover in a street side shrub
  • the omnipresent scent of pot
  • the hills
  • free snacks at work!
  • living on the edge of the world

ok, but truly i love sf.  the pigeons and the pot, not so much.


September 21, 2016

my computer still tells east coast time.  i don’t bother to reset it because it’s technologically tricky and emotionally tricky too.

i live my life constantly doing the math anyway.  with the majority of my family, my favorite juice place, and the leader of the free world on the east coast 3 hours ahead of me, it sort of makes sense i’d let my computer live in the eastern time zone as well.  {plus, i think of the other coast like its piloted by space pioneers.  don’t forget to send me a post card and let me know how dancing with the stars works out, east coast.  you’ll get to the finale before me.  the east coast – those time traveling dwts fanatics – lives in the future.  and i’m merely playing catch up.

is it 10:55 p.m. or 7:55?  let me check two sources.

subtract 3 hours.  live in the past.  embrace the future.

making it grain

September 20, 2016

have you ever had a meal that you can’t shake from your craw?  you’re hungry for it ’round the clock.  think about the ingredients when you stroll the supermarket aisles.  you catch pangs of tastes in your memory.

i’m obsessed with, daydreaming about, and trying to pull apart the wickman house grain bowl.  a seemingly simple salad of grains and greens – but it was the most mouthwateringly delicious dish i’ve put in my face in a while.  well, that and the sift cupcakes.  and the jane avocado mash.  ok, i eat well.  noted.

now make me a grain bowl.

welcome to the west coast

September 17, 2016

i packed up every last dish and shoe and fashion magazine.  i said goodbye to friends.  i ran one last loop around the tidal basin.  and i moved thousands of miles.

and here’s what i miss: writing.

and jrink.  and cava.  and sweetgreen.  and my friends.  but that’s another blog post.  this is about ME.

i want to write (and drink green juice) and share pieces of my new life on the west coast.  it’s a new life – one that’s different but similar – but again, it’s all MINE.  but that’s the blog.  even when i say goodbye, and pack up my dishtowels, the blog is here and it’s all up to me.

welcome to the west coast, rhinestones.  you sparkle like nothing i’ve ever seen before.