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the best

August 21, 2014

i would have usually said no.  i would have said no to dinner plans on a work night.  i would have said no to that extra lap around the outdoor shopping center in muggy, buggy weather.  i would have said no to commuting to work via greasy, inefficient metro.  i would have skipped the ice bucket challenge and that second glass of champagne and the steak at dinner.  i would have chosen something much more sensible and controlled and jenny.

but i said yes.  and i’m glad.  because i sort of love the metro.  and the sunset was unreal tonight.  and that burger at dinner with gal pals tonight?  the best.

‘scuse me?!

August 19, 2014

down and out!

August 8, 2014

up, up and away!  for sarah’s big bachelorette bash!

{ok, really it’s more vroom!  vroom!  down i-95 than up, up!}


she’s excited as a kid with a puppy…

a big to-do.

August 6, 2014

you’re shopping through the mall because it’s a tuesday and the metro isn’t coming for another 5 minutes and because you have everything else in the world on your to-do list.  but shopping.  you find a party perfect pom-pom tank at j.crew.  you ride the 5 stops home on the newly opened silver line, feeling pretty good about your growing to-do list and ticking clock because you’ve got a party perfect pom-pom tank.

you make a veggie soufflé for dinner and settle in on the couch to watch a little law & order because you were on your GIRLBOSS best today and because you always watch law & order while you paint your nails bright blue.  and then you flash over to the j.crew website on a commercial break and you want to hit yourself in the face with your fresh, bright blue nails.  because your party perfect pom-pom tank – which will show off your GIRLBOSS toned biceps – is on mega sale.  hold the tags!  you’re not wearing that bad boy until you can schlep all the way back to the mall on the other side of the 5-minutes-late metro.

five stops on the silver line, 10 bright blue nails, and one deflated GIRLBOSS.

add it to the to-do list.

we will rock you

August 5, 2014

if you’re lucky, once in your life a person will come around and rock your world.  (s)he will turn everything upside down and completely change your life.  you’ll never see anything the same way.  and when (s)he isn’t around, your life will have a little less meaning.  your sole focus in life becomes this special person because she will steal your toys and give you boogies and divide mom and dad’s attention in half.  but (s)he will also teach you to greet the world each morning and agree to dress up in twinsie matching outfits for a saturday morning trip to walmart.  and you might even get free legal advice from him/her.

just saying.

having a sibling is like kind of awesome.  especially a sister/friend who happens to make the world go ’round.  and when you get to celebrate this person (like on her birthday…which i missed on the blog) for a weekend, you take that chance and run with it.  i am running.

this weekend is sarah’s bachelorette party and i cannot wait to celebrate her specialness. i’m gonna rock her world with some jello shots.  how’s that for changing your life?

{oh, you say it’s only monday?  you clearly have no imagination.  chin up, eyes on the prize, the weekend is nearly here.}

purple period.

August 2, 2014

i have wanted wackadoodle-colored hair since the paleolithic period.  and watching candidly nicole, which is perfectly wackadoodle, isn’t helping at all.


here she is setting up a friend’s online dating profile.  we’d totally get along.

and while we’re on the topic, i’d also like to request nicole cheek bones and perfectly shimmery eyeshadow.  that’s all.

hardly working

August 2, 2014

you know how you know you’ve found your people?  they’re happy and settled and encouraging.  they have chopped-esque challenges in the office kitchen, mixing cheese and chocolate with ease, and an entire snack cabinet.  they’re from wisconsin and blonde and sitting at the desk right behind you.  or maybe they bring you cupcakes because it’s your first friday in the office.  oh, or they ride the metro to an early morning spin class at the mothership (a.k.a. headquarter office) and then eat breakfast (bacon) in the office cafeteria before walking over to your office which is, conveniently, connected to a mega-mall.

these are my kinda people, folks.  the good, awesome, fun-loving, candy-eating folks of the world.  united in one happy ergonomic, industrious office/mall/fitness center/self-contained happy place world.

is it still work if it’s awesome?


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