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they happen all the time

July 4, 2014

americans have all sorts of reputations out there on the international streets.  we’re known for being somewhat bossy and arrogant.  it’s easy to be over confident when you live in a country where all of this is possible:

  • voting for your democratic leadership who answers to the people
  • going to school, virtually for free
  • being a woman and going to college {which was not virtually free incidentally}
  • living in relative peace, security and happiness
  • being free to write/say/believe what i want…even on this here silly blog!
  • having access to healthcare, drinking water and affordable housing {maybe not so much on that last part if you live in the d.c. metro area}
  • being gainfully employed and having the opportunity to rise through the ranks to a position of leadership
  • blowing things up to commemorate our independence while eating red, white and blue cake

may we celebrate our independence and freedoms while remembering that others around the world aren’t as lucky.  it’s good to be an american.  happy 4th of july!


i believe

July 3, 2014

so i get it.  we all wildly jumped on this go america bandwagon and were momentarily infected with world cup fever.  i get it.  it’s annoying that people don’t know the difference between goalkeepers and trapper keepers (remember those awesome things?).  rarely do americans wake up on a saturday and flip through their 1,359 television channels in search of futbol.  shinguards were very popular on the runways of paris but when’s the last time you velcroed one on (do they even velcro anymore)?

a generation of us grew up in the heyday of soccer, so i bristle a little when i hear that the here and now is the resurgence of american soccer.  and i get a little snippy when i see your facebook status that bemoans my fair weather fandom.  i grew up with mia hamm and brandi chastain’s sports bra and olympic gold.  i grew up picking daisies in a soccer field and followed the sport through varsity benchwarming and home and away jerseys.  i jumped on the bandwagon in 1996 and i gladly joined the soccer bandwagon a few weeks ago.  when i was little, i dreamed of abs like brandi’s.  and just last week, i believed that we would win.  and so did a lot of other people in the united states.

who cares if they didn’t play soccer when they were six?  who cares if they think offsides is something that accompanies bbq?  does it really matter that they don’t know a shinguard from a mouthguard…ok, maybe that one does matter.  my point is:  we’re american.  and we’re proud.  so jump on that bandwagon.  throw a party on that bandwagon.  show the rest of the world how happy you are to be on that bandwagon.  because it’s not about the soccer.  it’s about the believing.  and that’s something i’m glad to be infected with.

p.s. i totally still believe in those abs.


this girl.

July 2, 2014

who’s alive?  who’s living life?  who’s going to the gym after this cup of coffee?



future’s so bright…

June 16, 2014

do you ever get a smudge on your sunglasses and you go kinda wonky-eyed as you try to focus your vision?  happens to me sometimes.

i left my job last week.  i packed up my things and i locked up my office and i walked straight outta that building and said “sayonara, sillies.”  my teacher friend drove me home and as i was walking the block to my apartment i lifted my sunnies.  everything looked different.  same block, new view.  it’s like the past two years have been a giant smudge on my versace sunglasses.  a big ole thumbprint on the lens.  saying goodbye made everything more clear.

so today i put on my sunnies and took my funemployed self to the pool.  from my perfectly postured chaise i could see my reflection in the glistening water.  it looked good.


graduating again

June 11, 2014

for the past two years i’ve been stuck in high school.  i’ve been talked about and laughed at.  i’ve been bullied and picked apart behind my back.  i’ve cried on the phone with my parents in a school parking lot and eaten cafeteria lunch at my desk because i had no one else to sit with.  i’ve felt ostracized and different.  and i’m pretty sure that if they made jenny size lockers, i would’ve been shoved in one by now (at least metaphorically).

friday’s celebration isn’t just my students’ graduation.  it’s also my own.

here’s to moving on and saying goodbye and never looking back.  here’s to bigger and better and thanking our lucky stars there aren’t adult sized lockers.  here’s to bacon day and chicken ring things and milk in little cartons.  here’s to wearing a funny gown and throwing things in the air and looking forward to the future.

{and just in case that doesn’t help – here are 8 things to remember when everything is going wrong.  i’ll always remember my 2 extra years in high school but i’ll always be glad that everything in life is temporary.}

saturday easy

June 9, 2014

life is hard.  but saturdays filled with baby showers and 40th birthday parties make having fun easy.


p.s. how ridiculously amazing is that outdoor fire place?

goodbye, ms. r

June 6, 2014

it’s a regular emotional rollercoaster in this here place today. <<throw your hands up in the air!>>  today is the last official day of school.  heretofore referred to as the last day as ms. r.  i said a sniffly goodbye to my advisees this morning and we took an epically dysfunctional group picture before we all ate our feelings at a little groupie breakfast.  i know that life will go on.  but i’m hard pressed to understand how life will go on without these ten 16-year-olds making me laugh every day.

maybe i’ll have to start reading the comics?

editor’s note:  teenagers are the best.  don’t trust people who tell you otherwise. 


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