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chip off the old block

September 27, 2014

and then i tried to woo the neighbor boy with a batch of warm, from-scratch chocolate chip cookies.

because, really, what can’t chocolate chips do?

i’m a -3:58

September 24, 2014


i’m a -3:58.

and so i run.  i turn my iPod up a little louder and i flip through the pages of us weekly as i slog through the miles on the treadmill.  uphill or downhill or uphill and then downhill, i run.  tonight i made it through all of taylor swift’s shake it off in a plank.  last week i did 31 girlie push-ups in a row.  i gritted my teeth and i pictured my bulging triceps and it was awesome.

i check my email at east falls church and again as my metro car pulls into tysons corner.  i check between bites of a luna bar at lunch and between bedtime and lights out.  i have 8 windows open on safari on my iphone.  3 of them have baa in the url.  sometimes i even check my email on the treadmill.  or at a stoplight waiting for the walk sign to flash.

you see, last october i was a 3:31:02. i wore that badge of honor for weeks.  i can do 31 girlie push-ups and i can run 26.2 miles in 3:31:02.  but that was last october.

today i’m a -3:58. so i run.

because tomorrow i might be a boston marathon qualifier.


sarah’s wedding: brought to you by neutrogena

September 23, 2014

the spray tanning has officially begun.

p.s.  can i wear a lace jumpsuit to my sister’s rehearsal dinner?

zara lace jumpsuit

would look good with some (fake) tanned gams.  just sayin.

on blogs and apples…and what the what?

September 23, 2014

are blogs over?

i’m asking for a friend.  and that friend is me.

i feel like the internet…and my days are gobbled up…and there just aren’t enough hours to do it all.  not to mention the fact that everybody and their 3-legged dog jake has a blog these days.  how does one keep up?  with life and with fake life on the internet?  and who is this 3-legged dog jake?  would he like daisy?

see?  this is how my days get gobbled up.  pondering whether blogs are dunzo and inventing silly, trivial, imaginary dog romances.  oh, and searching for new apple pie recipes.

blogs might be over.  but apple season is just beginning.

eat your vegetables

September 22, 2014

supposedly, if you let a kid eat whatever they want, eventually they will put down the milk duds and reach for broccoli.  there’s a force within each of us that points us toward what we need most.  my broccoli is served with a side of faith.

i went to church yesterday morning for the first time on a non-christmas/easter/funeral service day in over a year.  it’s not that i lost my faith or refused to go to church.  but my plate was full of other, much sweeter, things than sitting on a rickety wooden pew for an hour.  so i picked a church that doesn’t have rickety wooden pews and – wouldn’t you know – the sermon was about candy (of the easter varietal).

i needed it.  church.  and while i’m at it…a healthy serving of broccoli.


September 20, 2014

there’s not much a little sweat, pulsing pop beats, from-scratch chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and unfiltered sunshine can’t fix.

soak it up.  soak it all up.  (and then be sure to take a shower.)



a grandma for fall

September 19, 2014

i may be turning 30 this may but, this season, i’m inspired to dress like a grandma.  {no offense to you grandmas out there.}  appliquéd sweatshirts and oversize floral swing dresses and flats for me, please!

biyan “lotta” embroidered tulle and silk dress via net-a-porter; straight to my closet?

finds “vivetta aurelio” polka-dot neoprene coat via net-a-porter; for those chilly days

and a victoria beckham “liberty” textured-leather tote; because obviously


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