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for better or for worse

August 28, 2014

things worse than moving:

  • ingrown toenails
  • zombie apocalypse
  • tuesdays
  • creamed corn (sorry dad)
  • cheap coffee
  • comcast cable customer service
  • paying rent

trust me, i’m an expert on moving.  and thanks to netflix and the walking dead, i’m also an expert on the zombie apocalypse.  just keep me away from the creamed corn.


August 26, 2014

you know this girl loves herself a foofy pink tulle skirt.  but why couldn’t lena dunham have just topped that foofy pink tulle skirt with a simple white tshirt (and less eye makeup)?




lena dunham in giambattista valli via

gliding and clinking and biceps! oh my!

August 23, 2014

8 weeks until sarah’s wedding.  that means rehearsal dinner dress shopping.  in my entire existence on this here planet, i’ve never been to a rehearsal dinner.  i’ve also never been maid of honor.  so you can imagine the grandiose ideas swirling in this here brain.  i want to glide down the aisle and clink my champagne flute ever so daintily.  i want to lose 150 pounds and have biceps of madonna-forged steel.  i want to wear stella mccartney and rochas.

the gliding and clinking i can do.  the rest, the stuff of imagination.

stella mccartney via net-a-porter

stella mccartney “adalina” dress via net-a-porter

rochas runway shoe via tmagazine

rochas runway shoe via tmagazine

ice, ice

August 21, 2014

i dumped a big bucket of ice water on my head.  and i don’t care that you think it’s silly or childish or a waste of resources (money, drinking water, time) because i’ll do anything (including donating money and drinking water and time) if it makes my friend tony smile.  one day, thanks to this childish campaign, maybe tony will be smiling because als has been cured.  that’s worth all the ice water.

{it’s also wildly naive and idealistic.  so please donate to als research and visit tony’s website at don’t shrink.}

the best

August 21, 2014

i would have usually said no.  i would have said no to dinner plans on a work night.  i would have said no to that extra lap around the outdoor shopping center in muggy, buggy weather.  i would have said no to commuting to work via greasy, inefficient metro.  i would have skipped the ice bucket challenge and that second glass of champagne and the steak at dinner.  i would have chosen something much more sensible and controlled and jenny.

but i said yes.  and i’m glad.  because i sort of love the metro.  and the sunset was unreal tonight.  and that burger at dinner with gal pals tonight?  the best.

‘scuse me?!

August 19, 2014

down and out!

August 8, 2014

up, up and away!  for sarah’s big bachelorette bash!

{ok, really it’s more vroom!  vroom!  down i-95 than up, up!}


she’s excited as a kid with a puppy…


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