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this date

August 1, 2014

on this date in history:  i officially mastered the “go to bed with wet hair/wake up/blow dry” maneuver.  thus, saving at least 20 minutes in the morning.

i have no idea where my denim jacket is, however.  you win some, you lose some.

tgif, you little pals!

living well

July 30, 2014

it’s a sleep with your windows open kinda night here in the d.c. metro area.  and it’s a work in your jeans kinda day tomorrow.  i am livin.  it.  up.


July 29, 2014

this is humbling, and awe-inspiring and sad and happy all at the same time.  to have made a difference in the lives of over 800 college kids?  marvelous.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.18.39 PMto have rallied and amassed $35,096 (and counting) in one day in memory of one of our beloved campus security guards?  tears.


all on-board!

July 27, 2014


via #girlboss

via #girlboss

so, what am i doing now, you ask?  good question.

a week ago, i checked into a hotel room in richmond, virginia.  after spending the weekend at the beach with my bestest girlfriends at a wild rumpus of a wedding, hotel rooms were not new and different, but being alone in one – sans bed jumping/margarita partners – was.  i tucked in, tuckered out and apprehensive for what lay ahead.

starting a new job is never easy.  but starting a new job after leaving a job that was less than ideal is even more difficult.  i had all these things in my head. expectations, warning signs, worries, and fantasies.  i never thought i’d jump ship and go corporate…and then i did exactly that.  this new, corporate job, at a bank no less, came with a signing bonus (hello!) and full-fledged onboarding/bootcamp program designed for the new employees they hire each week.   70+ newbies started in my class.  we all ate lunch together in the cafeteria and swapped acronyms for job titles.  there are the da’s (data analysts) and the pmdp’s (project management development program-ers) and everyone’s favorite, the auditors.  and then there was me.  well, three of me to be exact because my team in recruiting added three new people this week alone.  consider that i’m coming from an office of three total employees.  needless to say, all of this was a little overwhelming.

and then we joined our team.  after 1.5 days of on boarding and playing board games and endless trips to the dessert bar, we were thrown to the wolves.  imagine watching an evening of the bloomberg channel and then being expected to join the trading floor the next day.  that’s what happened tuesday afternoon.  and every minute between 1:31 p.m. tuesday and 5 p.m. friday was filled with brow furrowing and ugly sweating and brain thumping because i was way stretched.

i’m ecstatic.  and i’m way pumped about this new opportunity (yak, i hate that word).  the people and the cupcakes are sweet and the job promises to utilize my full cranium.  last night i bought myself a sleek new bkr water bottle because i figured a new year ahead requires good hydration?  and i’ve even tempered my nail polish to fit the corporate vibe of my new life.  there’s no telling where this job might take me…and that’s exactly where i want to go.

all on-board!


38 days later

July 27, 2014

i recently finished the girls of atomic city, a book about the women who were persuaded from the comfort of their homes and put on trains into the heart of the country to work on a secret government instillation, on a secret world war II project.  they were building the atomic bomb.

i have been doing no such thing.  i have merely been “funemployed” and fancy free for the last 38 days.  it’s no government secret that i left my job at the high school where i’d spent two of the most trying and tumultuous years of my professional career.  but the details of what transpired over those 38 days are shrouded in all sorts of mystery.  here’s what i did with over a month of funemployment:

  • celebrated the end of a school year and smudged away a few tears as i packed up two lamps, a calvin & hobbes book and my set of zebra pens and slinked unnoticed out of my old office
  • put the pedal to the metal and visited sarah, chris and rowdy at their new home in charlotte
  • scored a super deal on some sandals from aldo.  hello, funemployment!  they’ve yet to see the light of day.
  • ate my way through atlanta with chompers and dad
  • saved daisy from the jaws of another little chompers {a.k.a. the one-eyed bandit}
  • watched the district’s 4th of july fireworks, bursting above the lincoln memorial, from a kayak on the potomac
  • mastered the art of jello shots in a watermelon
  • accepted and geared up for a new job
  • quit aforementioned job
  • accepted and geared up for a new job
  • decided i couldn’t show up to new job wearing bright blue nail polish #grownupgirlproblems
  • bought a new battery for my car, sold my car and negotiated a lease on a new car {never doing that ever, ever, ever again}
  • celebrated a friend’s wedding and smudged away sweat from tearing it up on the dancefloor
  • survived a grueling but energizing week at my new job
  • decided i need to give up dairy

now it’s all out there in the light – what i’ve been doing instead of blogging for the past month and change.  it’s no government secret but i do feel like my new life and my new work is about to change my world.  here’s to the next 38 days of employment and blogging!

they happen all the time

July 4, 2014

americans have all sorts of reputations out there on the international streets.  we’re known for being somewhat bossy and arrogant.  it’s easy to be over confident when you live in a country where all of this is possible:

  • voting for your democratic leadership who answers to the people
  • going to school, virtually for free
  • being a woman and going to college {which was not virtually free incidentally}
  • living in relative peace, security and happiness
  • being free to write/say/believe what i want…even on this here silly blog!
  • having access to healthcare, drinking water and affordable housing {maybe not so much on that last part if you live in the d.c. metro area}
  • being gainfully employed and having the opportunity to rise through the ranks to a position of leadership
  • blowing things up to commemorate our independence while eating red, white and blue cake

may we celebrate our independence and freedoms while remembering that others around the world aren’t as lucky.  it’s good to be an american.  happy 4th of july!


i believe

July 3, 2014

so i get it.  we all wildly jumped on this go america bandwagon and were momentarily infected with world cup fever.  i get it.  it’s annoying that people don’t know the difference between goalkeepers and trapper keepers (remember those awesome things?).  rarely do americans wake up on a saturday and flip through their 1,359 television channels in search of futbol.  shinguards were very popular on the runways of paris but when’s the last time you velcroed one on (do they even velcro anymore)?

a generation of us grew up in the heyday of soccer, so i bristle a little when i hear that the here and now is the resurgence of american soccer.  and i get a little snippy when i see your facebook status that bemoans my fair weather fandom.  i grew up with mia hamm and brandi chastain’s sports bra and olympic gold.  i grew up picking daisies in a soccer field and followed the sport through varsity benchwarming and home and away jerseys.  i jumped on the bandwagon in 1996 and i gladly joined the soccer bandwagon a few weeks ago.  when i was little, i dreamed of abs like brandi’s.  and just last week, i believed that we would win.  and so did a lot of other people in the united states.

who cares if they didn’t play soccer when they were six?  who cares if they think offsides is something that accompanies bbq?  does it really matter that they don’t know a shinguard from a mouthguard…ok, maybe that one does matter.  my point is:  we’re american.  and we’re proud.  so jump on that bandwagon.  throw a party on that bandwagon.  show the rest of the world how happy you are to be on that bandwagon.  because it’s not about the soccer.  it’s about the believing.  and that’s something i’m glad to be infected with.

p.s. i totally still believe in those abs.



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