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April 17, 2014

questions.  i am fueled by ?’s and that upward lilt at the end of sentences that indicates uncertainty and curiosity.  i google to my little heart’s content.  and i click through all those silly bolded words in news articles to dive deeper into the story.  i think i’m starting to rub off on my advisees.

each morning we start with daily announcements.  club meetings, schedule changes, lunch assignments.  and each day we open our minds with a “fun fact of the day” at the bottom of the morning report.  today’s fun fact read:  the only 15 letter word you can spell without repeating a letter is “uncopyrightable”.  my students paused and let it sink in.  they took another bite of their clif bar or tapped away at their iphone.

is there a 16 letter word?

aha!  now you’re on to something, my little teenage inquisitor.  you’re asking questions, you’re digging deeper, you’re not accepting every fact.

and no, there is not a 16 letter word in the english language that does not repeat a letter.


April 16, 2014

she’s sick of this town, she’s sick of that boy
yeah she’s sick of dreams that never take flight
there’s gotta be more than the same old story
so she’s gonna turn the page tonight
and turn the radio up
roll the windows down
she got a full tank of gas
ain’t no stopping her now

she’s got the pedal to the floor in a hand-me-down ford,
yeah, the only thing that’s left to do
is catch a couple green lights and those baby blue eyes
are leaving nothing in that rearview
but dust, nothing but dust

- eli young band, dust

getting hairy.

April 15, 2014

i have this theory.  the length of my hair directly correlates to how secure/insecure i’m feeling in my life.  when i’m solid, it’s short.  when i’m flailing, it’s long(ish).  i think i associate long hair with beauty and femininity and girls getting dates/blending in.  i associate it with time and control and showing off all the fun things you can do with it.  short hair is irreverent, self-assured and spunky.  it leaves you vulnerable and provides ninjas a clear path to your jugular.  you can’t use short hair to hide.

i’m jobless, homeless and dateless.  so guess how long my hair is.  LONG.

the job will happen, so will the new home.  and forget the dates, they can happen or not.  what i think i really need is a haircut.


Michelle Williams - Louis Vuitton

michelle williams for louis vuitton via pinterest

julianne hough pixie

julianne hough via pinterest

oh, and if i could become independently wealthy and buy a fabulous apartment on 14th street with my new boyfriend that’d be great.


this day in history

April 14, 2014

today is a big day in history (as i learned when i was googling around the internet trying to keep my advisees entertained this morning).

  • passover begins today at sunset.
  • in 1865, president lincoln was shot by john wilkes booth.
  • in 1912, the titanic struck an iceberg and sank almost 3 hours later.
  • the first of four lunar eclipses over the next 1.5 years – the blood moon – will fill the sky tonight.  catch it out your window between 2 – 4 a.m.

who’s creeped out?  who’s staying up past bedtime?

here comes peter cottontail

April 13, 2014

it’s almost easter!

livin’ the life

April 12, 2014



April 10, 2014

remember that time i was a head bopping, toe thumping cool kid and went to the ellie goulding show at echo soundstage and it was awesome?

yeah, me too.

happy throwback thursday!



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