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October 31, 2014

happy halloween, witches!  i started my day with a big bowl of fiber one and a slice of buddy bars.

buddy bars – 

1 cup peanut butter (i use the cheap stuff)

6 tablespoons margarine/butter, softened

beat.  sing shake it off on repeat.

add 1 1/4 cups sugar, 3 eggs, a palmful of salt and a splash of vanilla.  bippity, boppity, boo!

add 1 cup flour.  and 1 cup chocolate chips (but who ever ate only a cup of chocolate chips?  go ahead, throw caution to the wind!  add more chocolate!).

smooth batter into 9 x 13 baking dish and bake at 350 for about 23 minutes.

sprinkle the top with chocolate chips, let sit until glistening and spread chocolate over top of bars.

nom, nom, nom.



drunk j.crew. for when there’s chipotle on your madewell.

October 30, 2014

there’s nothing funnier than a little drunk j.crew (especially on a day when chipotle spills all over your new on sale dress from madewell before you even get home and you end up washing the dress before it’s been on your body):

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shady lady

October 29, 2014


i’ve been thinking a lot about love.  and not just because of sarah’s wedding of the new taylor swift album or because it’s a tuesday in october.  i’ve been thinking about it because i have friends in love, getting out of love or questioning love.  i don’t have all the answers.  i have probably 2 of them:  yes, he does love you and no, he doesn’t love you.  i realize that’s a rather black and white approach to something with varying shades of gray and blue and scarlet and chartreuse.  so i like this quote from here.  because we all have our own definition.  some of us have many of them in whatever shade looks best on us.


October 28, 2014

i’d like to thank you, my dear family, for never once making me feel bad for dancing the funky chicken alone at my younger sister’s wedding last weekend.  i extend my deepest gratitude to you for not asking where my date was and never batting an eyelash when i point blank tell you i’m not dating anyone.  anyone.  i like to think you’re as cool, calm and collected as taylor swift’s parents when she pens yet another boy bashing ballad.  they probably roll their eyes and carry on counting her bajillion dollars.  i don’t have that.  a bajillion dollars.  who does anyway?  beside scrooge mcduck and taylor swift, that is.  but i do have the most caring, accepting and pro-jenny family out there.  and that’s plenty for right now.

she says as she pens another boy bashing blog post…

long time

October 26, 2014

this has been a long time coming.

the good news is that i’ve been out living a life of perfectly penciled berry stained lipstick smiles and moments that would make a beautiful picture for your mantle {to the left of a cut crystal vase full of blooms, underneath the unicorn head mounted on your wall.}  i started a new job that leaves me satisfyingly, dizzyingly tired at the end of the day and with concentration wrinkle canyons between my brows that will one day need to be botoxed.  i moved apartments…again.  and i’m finally getting reacquainted with the notion of sharing my 750 square feet with another human being.  i celebrated my entrance into the boston marathon by buying new running shoes.  and i celebrated my sister’s wedding in a fancier pair of new shoes.  it’s been the perfect summer fading into fall and i’ve been perfectly content with life as i blend into the background of this suburban city that i call “home” for now.

and that, my friends – that feeling of contentment and ease – has been a long time coming.

chip off the old block

September 27, 2014

and then i tried to woo the neighbor boy with a batch of warm, from-scratch chocolate chip cookies.

because, really, what can’t chocolate chips do?

i’m a -3:58

September 24, 2014


i’m a -3:58.

and so i run.  i turn my iPod up a little louder and i flip through the pages of us weekly as i slog through the miles on the treadmill.  uphill or downhill or uphill and then downhill, i run.  tonight i made it through all of taylor swift’s shake it off in a plank.  last week i did 31 girlie push-ups in a row.  i gritted my teeth and i pictured my bulging triceps and it was awesome.

i check my email at east falls church and again as my metro car pulls into tysons corner.  i check between bites of a luna bar at lunch and between bedtime and lights out.  i have 8 windows open on safari on my iphone.  3 of them have baa in the url.  sometimes i even check my email on the treadmill.  or at a stoplight waiting for the walk sign to flash.

you see, last october i was a 3:31:02. i wore that badge of honor for weeks.  i can do 31 girlie push-ups and i can run 26.2 miles in 3:31:02.  but that was last october.

today i’m a -3:58. so i run.

because tomorrow i might be a boston marathon qualifier.



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